Thursday, July 24, 2014

Katy Perry Mask (Customer Order#2)

They say curiosity killed the cat. The moment I saw katy perry wearing this adorable Glitterfied cat mask, i knew it!, i have to make one for my stall.^ It all started just for fun & eventually when this one got *SOLD*. 
Before i knew i was already getting custom orders for these.

My Cat masks are super cool, fun for some birthday costume party, halloween or for classic photo booth props. You can get these Customized too on your choice. After seeing Katy perry's picture a 100 times observing details of her mask, i decided to go & research on it. I wanted Cat mask to look like hers a bit, but with my own touch of inspiration on top. So i came across these adorable photo booth cat mask props & found the kitty version perfect for mask inspo x>:

Purrfect isn't it ?x>
(Kindly send me link to this photo i lost it)

After deciding the perfect mask size & shape, next came materials. I wanted to make my own glitter since typical golden is too common, I mixed 3, 4 glitters to form this amazing mated sort of gold glitter. Next came the mask base, felt/foam sheet best option with proper lining behind. Elastic thread or elastic both works for the mask strings x>. After sprinkling glitter all over the cute cat mask, i leave to dry overnight & it was ready the next day. By the way it took me atleast 3 days to complete the whole process of making this mask.

I loved these pictures of katy perry x> 

I decided to print this out on very fine glossy hard sheet paper & attached it with my mask for my customer to have it as memento of my inspiration;>.

(If you have links to these photos send me  x>)

My mask was ready to display here it is:

My customer found my mask so adorable she bought it instantly declaring
 "It's way too cute to let it stay at your booth table" xD
Aww how sweet :,)

Thanks for letting me share my mask inspiration ;>.
I will be adding lots of more cool products & my custom orders bit by bit.

Till then^,



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