Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To Brush Your Cat?

Hello there kitties :>. Today is "Caturday". I am doing one cat diy / guide every week. Quite cool, follow me every THURSDAY for new cat DIY's here. A cat's fur shreds in spring/summer time due to exposure to sunlight. By not brushing your cat on daily basis can lead to tangled hair barrows & new home for fleas infestation. Brush your cat everyday twice or once a day. Worse part would be your cat swallowing the excess hairs off their fur coat during grooming. Cats lick themselves a lot. Prevent this crisis by following these steps for regularly brushing your cats. By the way they enjoy a lot when you brush them :>. Expect lots of delightful "purrs"^:


Things You Need:

#1 Special Cat Brush:
Available at Centuarus Mall, in Al-Fatah departmental Store, Islamabad. This brush is for 1500 Rs, just one time investment, worth every penny^. I have been using the same cat brush for 3 years now.

#2 Old Tooth Brush:
Not for brushing your cat of course. But it's for cleaning your cat brush & comb^.

#3 Human Comb:
I use this comb after brushing in order to get rid of remaining extra hair which get stuck on fur coat.


I have divided the brushing process into four steps:

Step#1: Cat body, head, neck & tail
Step#2: Cat cheeks
Step#3: Combing Cat
Step#4: Massaging Cat's Cheeks



Start off by brushing your cat's body, head, neck & tail. Move brush in one direction thoroughly all over cat. Check out my video to better have a look on how I do this. Click here for the video.



Once you're done with step#1, grab your cat's one ear & start brushing cheek. Brush cheeks left to right in downward direction. Click here and here to see how I brushed my boxer's cheeks^.



After you are done with step#1 & step#2, grab your human comb. Start combing all over head, cheeks & back side of your cat in downward direction. You can observe in photo how much excess hairs are combing off cat's fur coat.



Final step is to massage your cat's cheeks. You can click here to see it happen in a video^. 


Your cat is ready :D.

"Time To Hide Out In My House :>"

Cat In Photo: My boxer modeled to demonstrate you all kitties of how to brush yourself^^. He is such a loving, caring & adorable cat. He was very calm, co-operative and enjoyed throughout the shooting. Love him to bits.


Cleaning Cat Brush:

Use old tooth brush for cleaning your cat brush. Move the tooth brush in downwards direction to get rid of hairs. In the end, you can see such big hair barrows. Imagine these getting swallowed by your cat?. 

Hope you enjoyed this kitties:>,
#saoirsechic at instagram, I will share your brushed up cats on my account^^,

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Face Book Page!

This is very important update I want to make. I won't be taking anymore custom orders & I have changed my facebook page. Here are reasons why I took this decision:

#1 My page Style At Foot Step was filling up with spam accounts. It is not at all healthy for my page as my real fans were not getting any of my updates anymore, nor they would give me feedback.

#2 I have quit taking custom orders & selling hand made products online. The reason I did that is evident, I want to create FREE diy's & tutorials for you. Also promote artists from all over the globe. I might sell products at popup shop or at some retailer in future. But no more on facebook or any other page. My redbubble shop will keep operating as I will be creating lots of prints for sale.

#3 If you are an Artist / Designer / Crafter  / Cat Lover I would like to invite you to "Like" my new page "Saoirse Chic" & check out the hot new updates. Click here for link.

Check out my hot new logo for my new page x>. You Like it?.I will be sharing full guide on this soon,

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Gold Edition

Hello amigos :>. I was out all day today sorry for my late post. Today I will share another version of my inspirations & ideas. It includes everything "gold":

I love the idea of painting gold confetti on top of plain white vase. Pretty for lounge.


These plastic animals come hell handy. As you can spray them up & make so many cool things like how about this rad cupcake tray?.


Need back drop for your photo booth?. This chic did a long work on this one. A simple trick is to just buy a sequins fabric & hang it up on your wall^^.


Use foil ribbon for adding fun patterns on plain white candles.


Here is another idea for making use of your plastic animals. How cool do these look for decor?.


Put on foil dotted fabric on cushion covers for chair^.


Fill up frames with glitter, confetti & foil paper bits. You can paste your bits & pieces of foil/glitter on plain white page & then add them to frames.


Confetti printed napkins?^. How adorable!. You can stamp confetti print using acrylic paints.


Lastly my favorite collage plus plastic animal decoration. I love this site ps I made this.

Thanks for checking out my today's inspirations,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Epic Fun Time # 3 : How To Treat a Bully?

Hello amigos x>. Every week on Saturday I have planned to do "Saoirse Chic Fun" post. It will include crazy insane photo idea or an insane crazy photo DIY. Check out my this week's honey on my wrist shot xp:

That song "Feeling Myself" by Will.I.Am, give me an idea to do a funny version of it. I put on my dollar shirt with matching dollar $ pendant & parrot green wrist watch. Here is what I come up with:

This one is dedicated to all the boys who are big bozos & try to bully you for the sweet of it. Well eat your heart out guys, because someone don't give a bread :D.

Remain crazy, have fun, 
& don't you ever change yourself for any boy.
Happy Saturday :>.

Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY: Marbling & Confetti Polka Dot Nail Art!

Hello there kiddies. As I mentioned last week with my foil specs diy, that I have started DIY SERIES. Every week on Friday, I will be sharing step by step new DIY with you. This week I am going to be sharing cute marbling & polka dot nail art diy with you. Check this out nail art lovers:

What You Will Need:

#1 Shashlick stick or tooth pick.
#2 Assorted nail paints(Preferred  brands ones are haute, Sally Hansen & Sweet Touch)
#3 Any two Polka Dot nail paints by Maybeline New York

Polka Dot Nail Art:

Let's dig in deep with ideas & inspiration to get you started first. I have selected some amazing nail paint color combinations from my all time favorite nail art blog chalkboard nails. 

I love the use of light colors & shades as base, then using fun confetti inspired nail paint on top.

Gorgeous purple base with black & white polka dots.

Grey & pinks could look amazing on your nails, if you wearing red dress/top.

Darker tones of electric blue and dark greens would look amazing on light color top/dress.

Here is my favorite, use white as base & then paint darker color polka dot nail paint on top. (This photo is not taken from chalkboard nails, i found it randomly at google, link is lost. Just leave it at comment if you have it).

Marbling Nail Art:

There are dozens of ways in doing marbling nail art, but here is my favorite technique that I used.:

Step#1: Paint the first base of nail paint on your nail.
Step#2: When the first coat is still wet, add your second color of nail paint on top of your nail.
Step#3: Using tooth pick/shashlick stick, mix & merge colors neatly together in a pattern.
Step#4: Add transparent coat on top for finished look.

This photo taken from here.

Now For My Nail Art Turn:

Here is how I used these above techniques/ideas to do my own nail art^^. Check out the descriptions written at photo for color combinations:

Hope you enjoyed my this week's diy,
Try this nail art & share at my instagram by #diaryofseresha
I will share my favorites,



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Travel Diaries: IT Sugar

I have a big Sweet Tooth. I love going for candy shopping sprees & spend big chunks on marshmallows, jellies, sweets, chocolates & licorice Best part about traveling to Dubai is my favorite "IT Sugar" store. It's candy heaven for kids (I'm still a kid right?lol). Whenever I go there I bring two bags full of assorted candy. Here take a look:

The main entrance of IT Sugar is heavenly awesome. There is an area especially for jelly beans, from where you could choose your favorite flavored jelly bean. They have separate place for marshmallows, sugar jellies & licorice.

They also have sweet merchandise for M&M's & all Kellogg products. How totally rad is that^?.

Now for my candy treat. Here are all my favorite things which include:
#2 Bag full of assorted jellies, candies & sweets.
#5 Campfire marshmallows

I would definitely recommend you to go check out IT Sugar,
Make sure you don't have a candy heart attack.


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

For Pets: Cat Portrait & Foam Filled Brooch!

I made this very cute portrait of my cat boxer. It's a comic version of him. I don't make realistic portraits, just love adding my own touch to them. Today I will share my whole process of making this adorable portrait & foam brooch:


Here is my whole process of making this pet portrait. I first sketched it on canvas, then painted the base colors & later finished with grey paint. I used Marie's Acrylic Paints mixed with Pentel's Poster Paints. I love using them together as it gives me a perfect result that I want to see. I also give a sneak peek video of this at my instagram of how i painted it's base you can check it out right here.

You can get CUSTOM CAT PORTRAITS made of your cat. You can message me right here.


I also made Cat Foam filled brooch. Check out this adorable brooch of my cat. You can also get custom brooch made of your cat right from here.

Today is CATURDAY :>,
And I will be sharing everything cat related,
Next I will share about my Saoirse Cat Community Update with you ;>.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Selfie Attack # 2!

Hello there kiddies :>. I clearly have considered myself the King of Selfie. I love taking self portraits especially some crazy ones. Give me good reason to share these all with you^^. Check it out:



Quit Hustling Dawg & get real ;>.

One of my friends said I look like a pop art chic here do i ?lol.



That's a selfie before going for my workshop^.

▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
Pardon me! I just split my Doritos xp but here's my selfie ▲



After shower that's how my hairs look xp.



Marilyn Monroe happened last night :D. I look cool with a mole right?.



This is how I look after waking up from a big dream in morning. I dream a lot. Most of my ideas happen when I am in REM. Lol.

Share your selfies with me by #diaryofseresha or tagging me @diaryofseresha on instagram,
I will feature my favorites;>.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Free Printable: Chevron Prints!

Kids, the surprises have started ;>. I will be adding lots of freebies in coming days & so much fun diys keep checking back daily. Today I have uploaded these totally rad chevron prints. You can print these out frame them, use them as gift tags, cards or even as your notebook cover. Ideas are endless. Just save them up:


You & Me:


Untamed Mustache:


Pour Some Sugar On Me:

Print em up & frame it x>.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Everything Glass & Crockery!

A lot of pictures I have saved from different resources was like 3 years ago. I have lost their links & some of the sources have been completely removed from the internet. But after I am done with these series of inspirations, I will be introducing new content & I will make sure links are added along. If you have links to any of pictures here, then kiddies, you can just comment under this blog post x>. Thank you.

Here is today's totally rad edition of crockery art & glass painting magic:

Confetti Jars:

These babies if you purchase from market can cost you over 500$. Like why spend that much money on just a jar when you can make one yourself?. Use back side of pencil for adding dots or read the description on photo below:


Mosaic Art:

Not a big fan of mosaic stuff, but the wacky thought of adding pearls & rhinestones along glass pieces seems quite rad to me. This master piece is mind blowing.


Paint The Bottom Half:

Such a cool idea to paint & outline the bottom of glass container. Make sure you lacquer after finish in order to add a permanent varnish look on top.


Re-modify Perfume Bottles:

Fill perfume bottles with paint from the inside & add cute confetti look alike dots on the outside. Voila. Would look more cool by using these as flower vases right?^.


Patterned Tiles:

Water colors and oil paints & you get this result. These can be gifted as glass coasters.


Hot Glue:

This one is simplest one. Pour hot glue on bottle in a way like as if it's oozing out of bottles. Paint them black later after the glue is dried *cool*.


Make Use of Old Glass Bottles:

Use acrylics for adding crazy patterns to these bottles. Perfect for your booth display right?.


Sharpie Markers:

That's a clever way for adding fun patterns to your white crockery. 


It gets better, this is how you draw your patterns ;>.


Motifs For Glass Plate:

You might be thinking how much difficult this would've been to make right?^.


Not really, look how easy it is to make. Simply use a stencil, well duh ;>.


Song Lyrics On Crockery:

Use sharpie marker for this and add tape on edges to prevent smudging like this chic has done.

Enjoyed much? leave something at comments ^,
Next time I will share beauty edition,