Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Behind The Scene # 4!

Ready, set, go xD. Here is your "Weekly Dose" of my behind the scenes x>. I have been trying to be totally consistent lately about my blog posts, shots, artwork & "sharing" part. I quit using "Excuses" that i was pouring in my very early posts. Here is what I've been upto this week:

Today I did a new concept called "Icecream Shots". It was super fun. During the whole shot I was "Icecream" hungry. I could not think about anything apart form icecream Lol. (My camera battery died, I was charging it & meanwhile drooling over rainbow xp).


I am sooo happy now finally at peace, because i just ate three rainbow icecreams!. Best thing ever before lunch eh :^. My paintings were matching with rainbow ice cream, i did not realize :>.


My new artwork c: & ofcourse it's inspired by my recent shots i took of me;^. Can't wait to show you (it's complete now :D).


Here is another peek from my today's new ice cream shots i did ;>. I do enjoy hanging out with my paintings xo( My paintings are on SALE at my page).


My boxer sketch is ready x>. I cut it out & now working on its background. I was envisioning pinks & reds background for this. But not anymore. It's background is going to be awesome blue x>.


Lastly, my "Future Rockstar" painting has an awesome quote written at it's border. I won't reveal to you full borders. Wait for this painting's review;>.

Thanks man,


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