Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To Brush Your Cat?

Hello there kitties :>. Today is "Caturday". I am doing one cat diy / guide every week. Quite cool, follow me every THURSDAY for new cat DIY's here. A cat's fur shreds in spring/summer time due to exposure to sunlight. By not brushing your cat on daily basis can lead to tangled hair barrows & new home for fleas infestation. Brush your cat everyday twice or once a day. Worse part would be your cat swallowing the excess hairs off their fur coat during grooming. Cats lick themselves a lot. Prevent this crisis by following these steps for regularly brushing your cats. By the way they enjoy a lot when you brush them :>. Expect lots of delightful "purrs"^:


Things You Need:

#1 Special Cat Brush:
Available at Centuarus Mall, in Al-Fatah departmental Store, Islamabad. This brush is for 1500 Rs, just one time investment, worth every penny^. I have been using the same cat brush for 3 years now.

#2 Old Tooth Brush:
Not for brushing your cat of course. But it's for cleaning your cat brush & comb^.

#3 Human Comb:
I use this comb after brushing in order to get rid of remaining extra hair which get stuck on fur coat.


I have divided the brushing process into four steps:

Step#1: Cat body, head, neck & tail
Step#2: Cat cheeks
Step#3: Combing Cat
Step#4: Massaging Cat's Cheeks



Start off by brushing your cat's body, head, neck & tail. Move brush in one direction thoroughly all over cat. Check out my video to better have a look on how I do this. Click here for the video.



Once you're done with step#1, grab your cat's one ear & start brushing cheek. Brush cheeks left to right in downward direction. Click here and here to see how I brushed my boxer's cheeks^.



After you are done with step#1 & step#2, grab your human comb. Start combing all over head, cheeks & back side of your cat in downward direction. You can observe in photo how much excess hairs are combing off cat's fur coat.



Final step is to massage your cat's cheeks. You can click here to see it happen in a video^. 


Your cat is ready :D.

"Time To Hide Out In My House :>"

Cat In Photo: My boxer modeled to demonstrate you all kitties of how to brush yourself^^. He is such a loving, caring & adorable cat. He was very calm, co-operative and enjoyed throughout the shooting. Love him to bits.


Cleaning Cat Brush:

Use old tooth brush for cleaning your cat brush. Move the tooth brush in downwards direction to get rid of hairs. In the end, you can see such big hair barrows. Imagine these getting swallowed by your cat?. 

Hope you enjoyed this kitties:>,
#saoirsechic at instagram, I will share your brushed up cats on my account^^,

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