Thursday, April 23, 2015

For Pets: Cat Portrait & Foam Filled Brooch!

I made this very cute portrait of my cat boxer. It's a comic version of him. I don't make realistic portraits, just love adding my own touch to them. Today I will share my whole process of making this adorable portrait & foam brooch:


Here is my whole process of making this pet portrait. I first sketched it on canvas, then painted the base colors & later finished with grey paint. I used Marie's Acrylic Paints mixed with Pentel's Poster Paints. I love using them together as it gives me a perfect result that I want to see. I also give a sneak peek video of this at my instagram of how i painted it's base you can check it out right here.

You can get CUSTOM CAT PORTRAITS made of your cat. You can message me right here.


I also made Cat Foam filled brooch. Check out this adorable brooch of my cat. You can also get custom brooch made of your cat right from here.

Today is CATURDAY :>,
And I will be sharing everything cat related,
Next I will share about my Saoirse Cat Community Update with you ;>.

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