Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sold Out: Necklaces!

I am a jewelry freak. I love making fresh pieces & even more love it when I spot someone wearing my own designed accessory. I wanted to show you all, past few months I have sold out a lot of my pieces. Once they are gone, they are gone. I don't like making repetitive products, just to prevent them from becoming too common in market. Here are my necklaces which sold out:

Had so much fun painting these beads. This necklace has all my favorite things on it^. From mustache, boxer, cat, cigarette to dinosaur & specs.

It's very cool as you can flip the beads & they are painted on backside as well^. I might make this necklace again on custom order ONLY with your favorite things on beads;>. Inbox me here if you want one.


Felt made with matching rhinestones. These geeky specs can be worn as accessory & worn as photo booth prop too, how icthin' rad is that?^. I might make this again in blue or some other color.


Next necklace we have is this watermelon I made from glitter foamic sheet. It has red shiny matching beads.^ Nope I am not making this again.


I simply dipped a crystal heart into hot pink glitter & attached to a chain. This necklace is from my very first jewelry collection I ever made.


Here is another necklace form my very first jewelry collection, I made this inspired by EMO culture. It's jelly like with stitches on it.^


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