Monday, April 6, 2015

Selfie Attack #1!

One thing I know I'm very good at apart from designing is formulating some totally-crazy-cool selfies. I love capturing my 100 face. I have over 6000+ photos of mine just sitting at my Pc. I really wanted to start some label under which I could share these selfies. "Saoirse Chic and Crazy Fun" is perfect one for this. As I don't want to include my selfies under "personal" label. To me it's a form of art to be able to take cute selfies & it deserves a good place in my blog here. Weekly, I will share my top 5 selfies & caption you on them;>.:


Lee kitkat, share kitkat x>. I want to share kitkat with all my followers & fans really I do^^.


That's how I look after my morning routine x>. All natural.


I got two shades: One are these & second are black shades.
Not much fan of shades, but i'm recycling few of my old specs lately^.


Royal blue is my favorite color lately^^. I love this top of mine so much.


Lastly, this is how I look like without makeup xp. I like wearing vase line on lips, cleansing my face & sleeping with my hairs pulled back. 


Share your selfies with me on instagram: @diaryofseresha
Tag me with best of what you got I will share it at my instagram;>.
Night, night.

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