Sunday, April 12, 2015

Travel Diaries: Trip To Azaad Kashmir !

I took a trip to Azaad Kashmir with my best friend back in 2013. I never get to talk about my fun experience that I had there. I am nature lover, i love everything GREEN & forests. There were some pros & cons about what I experienced over there. The con was the 8 hour long drive & journey from mountains to reach to "Toli Peer" mountains. It was shit nauseating & very tiring. But man did i enjoyed the hot spot? Sure as ice. That's a pro.
Here are some fun shots from my trip:

The scenery was effin' awe breaking after reaching the spot.

The sun was setting down almost when we reached, it was beautiful.

Me & my best friend climbed on top of snow covered mountain. That's Kashmir behind me kiddies.

I always wanted a picture of me doing this.
Just resting till we came off a mountain not tumbling down! So glad Lol.

Still in process of climbing it off.

I got sand witch to take care of homies!. Tbh-i really enjoyed sitting at peak of mountain & watching sun setting down. Nope not scary at all man. Had my best bud next to me so i knew if i was gonna get eaten up by a monster, she will get eaten up first & meanwhile I'll runaway haha yuk yuk.

I shared my lunch with my best friend, as we were enjoying, all black crows lined up next to us that was freaking creepy. So we shifted to the snow area, as we did not wanted to be attacked by them.

It was damn slippery, wish I had boots to wear at that time. 

I slipped too in excitement lol.

Me & my best friend, we had snowball fight too it was hilarious.

Lastly, before going back home, here is me & my friend posing in all smiles after such a fun trip.

All these photos are taken by different people on my trip from cellphones,
Sorry about sucky quality, I did not had any digital camera back then.

Overall, the 8 hour drive was worth the fun at end of the day we had. I would definitely recommend you to go for trip there with your best friend. I am so lucky I had my best friend with me for major fun & adventures. We had so much fun,
Next time I am taking you to DUBAI with me for major dose of fun,


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