Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Selfie Attack # 2!

Hello there kiddies :>. I clearly have considered myself the King of Selfie. I love taking self portraits especially some crazy ones. Give me good reason to share these all with you^^. Check it out:



Quit Hustling Dawg & get real ;>.

One of my friends said I look like a pop art chic here do i ?lol.



That's a selfie before going for my workshop^.

▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀ ▲▼▶◀
Pardon me! I just split my Doritos xp but here's my selfie ▲



After shower that's how my hairs look xp.



Marilyn Monroe happened last night :D. I look cool with a mole right?.



This is how I look after waking up from a big dream in morning. I dream a lot. Most of my ideas happen when I am in REM. Lol.

Share your selfies with me by #diaryofseresha or tagging me @diaryofseresha on instagram,
I will feature my favorites;>.


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