Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sold Out # 3 (Brooches)

Last time when I kept my stall at PC hotel, i sold off a lot of goods. One thing which came in my interest was one of my customers give me an idea, to focus on creating "Brooches" in particular. That was a very good idea. When you specialize in focusing on one particular category, you get recognized for it by different people. Would it be wise though for just solely making "brooches" only?. I give it a thought & figured, what I can do is focus on creating one category for particular time period. I can divide days for working on brooches & then on other days I can do some fun photo ideas( Just an example). Sounds good ^?.

Here is an update on my "Sold Out" brooches:

Rainbow Ice Cream Brooch:

I love rainbow ice cream, so i made a cute brooch inspired by it.

It's layered with different felt colors. Handmade 100%.


Apple Brooch:

I was inspired by that custom where you give "apple" to your teacher, when it's your first day to school.
Product of that thought.

It looks more like prize brooch, if you observe the ribbon style i chose for the bottom. It's kind of cute I guess. Anyone can wear this for fun^.

Both my brooches are sold,
I have enlisted new bunch of freshly made brooches,
You can check them out right here.

I will give full review on brooches next time x>.

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