Friday, April 24, 2015

Travel Diaries: IT Sugar

I have a big Sweet Tooth. I love going for candy shopping sprees & spend big chunks on marshmallows, jellies, sweets, chocolates & licorice Best part about traveling to Dubai is my favorite "IT Sugar" store. It's candy heaven for kids (I'm still a kid right?lol). Whenever I go there I bring two bags full of assorted candy. Here take a look:

The main entrance of IT Sugar is heavenly awesome. There is an area especially for jelly beans, from where you could choose your favorite flavored jelly bean. They have separate place for marshmallows, sugar jellies & licorice.

They also have sweet merchandise for M&M's & all Kellogg products. How totally rad is that^?.

Now for my candy treat. Here are all my favorite things which include:
#2 Bag full of assorted jellies, candies & sweets.
#5 Campfire marshmallows

I would definitely recommend you to go check out IT Sugar,
Make sure you don't have a candy heart attack.


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