Friday, April 10, 2015

Future Rockstar Painting \m/!

Hello x>, I am daily posting twice a day now. But I was thinking maybe I should increase the posting number to 4 times a day. I just had a look through my cluttered folders filling up with all these rad ideas, thoughts & diys. It's insanely massive!. I won't be able to take it all out of my head for years man. It will take me ages if i will go with this type of pace. So, better to hop like a rabbit instead of going with turtle's speed xp.

Here is my hot new "Future Rockstar" Painting:

I just came up with an awesome Idea lately, to make cartoonic portraits of my unique snaps & also of my friends and everyone else. Very soon I will be starting a contest where you could send me your photos , I will pick the best unique ones and make portraits for FREE for winners ;>. The portraits will be scanned version of HIGH QUALITY. So no doubts about quality^^.

I chose blue, red, white & black combination for my painting. I got shit inspired by america's flag if you observe the color scheme I used in this. The rolling stones sign I love much. This painting is very cool as it has this fancy quote written on it's border "I WON'T BE A ROCK STAR, I WILL BE A LEGEND". True that, any chic who loves rock n roll, this painting could be perfect for her room. I used acrylics & border color I chose toxic green mainly because I wanted it to look different from painting's original stripy background.


Notice Any Resemblance?:

Haha to tell you the truth I made this inspired by my own personal wardrobe & style^. I love rolling stone shirt that I am wearing in photo above plus I am a natural brunette, just added few blonde streaks(couple of months back).

You can buy my this original painting from facebook page here.

Keep rocking at your art fendis \m/,

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