Saturday, April 25, 2015

Epic Fun Time # 3 : How To Treat a Bully?

Hello amigos x>. Every week on Saturday I have planned to do "Saoirse Chic Fun" post. It will include crazy insane photo idea or an insane crazy photo DIY. Check out my this week's honey on my wrist shot xp:

That song "Feeling Myself" by Will.I.Am, give me an idea to do a funny version of it. I put on my dollar shirt with matching dollar $ pendant & parrot green wrist watch. Here is what I come up with:

This one is dedicated to all the boys who are big bozos & try to bully you for the sweet of it. Well eat your heart out guys, because someone don't give a bread :D.

Remain crazy, have fun, 
& don't you ever change yourself for any boy.
Happy Saturday :>.

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