Sunday, April 19, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Everything Glass & Crockery!

A lot of pictures I have saved from different resources was like 3 years ago. I have lost their links & some of the sources have been completely removed from the internet. But after I am done with these series of inspirations, I will be introducing new content & I will make sure links are added along. If you have links to any of pictures here, then kiddies, you can just comment under this blog post x>. Thank you.

Here is today's totally rad edition of crockery art & glass painting magic:

Confetti Jars:

These babies if you purchase from market can cost you over 500$. Like why spend that much money on just a jar when you can make one yourself?. Use back side of pencil for adding dots or read the description on photo below:


Mosaic Art:

Not a big fan of mosaic stuff, but the wacky thought of adding pearls & rhinestones along glass pieces seems quite rad to me. This master piece is mind blowing.


Paint The Bottom Half:

Such a cool idea to paint & outline the bottom of glass container. Make sure you lacquer after finish in order to add a permanent varnish look on top.


Re-modify Perfume Bottles:

Fill perfume bottles with paint from the inside & add cute confetti look alike dots on the outside. Voila. Would look more cool by using these as flower vases right?^.


Patterned Tiles:

Water colors and oil paints & you get this result. These can be gifted as glass coasters.


Hot Glue:

This one is simplest one. Pour hot glue on bottle in a way like as if it's oozing out of bottles. Paint them black later after the glue is dried *cool*.


Make Use of Old Glass Bottles:

Use acrylics for adding crazy patterns to these bottles. Perfect for your booth display right?.


Sharpie Markers:

That's a clever way for adding fun patterns to your white crockery. 


It gets better, this is how you draw your patterns ;>.


Motifs For Glass Plate:

You might be thinking how much difficult this would've been to make right?^.


Not really, look how easy it is to make. Simply use a stencil, well duh ;>.


Song Lyrics On Crockery:

Use sharpie marker for this and add tape on edges to prevent smudging like this chic has done.

Enjoyed much? leave something at comments ^,
Next time I will share beauty edition,

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