Monday, April 13, 2015

Inspiration and Ideas: Glitterfy Edition!

I have an appetite for glitter :D. Really I do. I love everything sparkly & I make my own glitter at times for the exact color I require.(I will be sharing my process of making shoes soon & there, I will teach you how to make your own glitter x>). The reason I want this "Inspirations and Ideas" label to go on is quite evident. There are certain things which I would like to share in groups. The rest just itty-bitty ones goes in my weekly label called "Things I love".

Here is your glitter inspiration:

Glitterfy Your Plastic Animals.


Edible glitter with chocolate?. Sounds good to me x>.


Glitterfy your shoes. This one looks cute x>.


How about glitterfying the bottom of your glasses only^?.


Glitterfy your clips.


Glitterfy your jewelry dish. I did this one right here. You can check out how my version came out.


Glitterfy, tree branches. Looks amazing for jewelry display perhaps.


Ok, two year old but can be made for 2015?. I love the stencil idea for glitterfying though x>.


Lastly, glitterfied peach x>. It's artificial man. I tried this idea too, check it out right here.


Ombre seashells, glitterfied?. Thanks to Martha Stewart, for this lovely idea.

Next time, I will share nail art ;>.

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