Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conceptual Art: "Castle Of Glass"!

Conceptual Art time^^. Lately, I'm so into linkin Park & their songs. I saw video of their track "Castle Of Glass". Got so shit inspired. The story of video is based on true events & goes like this: A kid gets informed by his father's friend that his dad has died in War (Kid's father was in army). Then the same kid grows up & becomes a soldier in army & he loses his friend. He goes to his friend's house to inform his daughter about his father's death in war. It was so damn sad the story but got me thinking, I need to do one conceptual art on this:


I decided to do this scene where chester bennington holds a broken glass from swarm of floating in air shattered glass pieces. It was amazing to see the band never went out for shooting for this video as the sun looks so real in the end. It was all shooted in studio, I saw their behind the scene of video to get better picture of making my own version of  photo concept.


Here are simple steps to make your own "Castle Of Glass" conceptual art:

Step#1: Using picmonkey.com, adjust "Colors" by increasing temperature to blue.
Step#2: Go into "Winterland Effects" at picmonkey.com, choose "Chill Effect" & adjust as desired.
Step#3: Add "Snowfall Effect" on your image, erase the effect from face, using picmonkey.com
Step#4: Add storm texture(using picmonkey.com), Erase till wall & from face.
Here is storm texture you can use in your photo:

Step#5: Using Adobe photo shop tool "Healing Brush" erase all the unwanted warts like trees & houses from the sky behind.
Step#6: Add text, using picmonkey.com, adjust the opacity of text as desired x>.
Ste#7: You can add some filter on top if you want or just let it stay like the way it is ^^. Your conceptual art is ready anyway^.


Final look of my conceptual art, quite happy with the way it turned out^^.
Remember kids, when it comes to "Art" it don't matter which fancy camera you got or have. All it matters is how well you learn to execute your "creativity" under limited resources x>.

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