Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Epic Fun Time # 2 : How To Eat Ice cream Like a Pro?

Hello Kiddies :>, Today I have prepared an extra special blog post for you. Remember Last week I shared some fun ice cream selfies you can check right here. Well, today it's time to reveal the whole #shot fully. So excited!. Here are few things you could try:

How to eat icecream like a Pro?:

I give tips all over photo spot some x>.


The most fun part was to eat all these 3 icecreams together(I ate 5 in total though including cornetto & mango popsicle xp).


My effin cool inspiration for hairdo for this shot came directly from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I LOVE her so much. I added funny looking hat too on my photo just for fun ^^.


Here are all my cute paintings together you can shop for your room. For buying any of these paintings inbox me here. Descriptions, color and extra details for each painting written below:

#1 Sewing Machine Painting:
-Color: Dark mint green
-Has Red mini heart above sewing machine illustration

#2 Sewing Machine Mini Painting:
-Color: Baby Pink
-Mini sewing machine illustration
-Has scallop borders

#3 Mustaches Painting:
-Color: Light mint green
-Has mustache border

#4 Rain Drops Painting:
-Color: Light pink in middle, textured background at exterior
-The painting has a message saying "I missed you today" with raindrops having shy eyes.

#5 Boxer Cat Portrait:
-Color: Bubble gum pink background
-Originally made inspired by my cat "Boxer"
-Can be made of your cat on custom order

#6 Future Rock star Painting:
-Color: Blue, Red, white & black combination
-Inspired by my personal wardrobe
-Painting border has quote "I won't be a rock star, i will be a legend", it's toxic green in color.

#7 Vintage Camera Painting:
-Color: Black chalkboard effect
-Red heart is embroidered on the camera's flash

#8 Sewing Machine Medium Painting:
-Color: In between dark & light mint green
-Below sewing machine illustration it says "I love you"

#9 Heart Break Painting:
-Color: Wooden texture background
-Has neon pink broken heart painted on wooden texture background


Check out this totally rad hot pink silk bow tie with pearls (that i am wearing in shots here).  It's hand made with everything a Kawaii chic would ask for. Buy from here.


Lastly, kids #saoirsechic at instagram if you try any of my ideas,
& I will share all my favorites at my instagram account x>.

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