Sunday, April 12, 2015

Emoji Time!

Hello kiddies^^, Time to "EMO-JI" xD. Made some crazy-arse emojis & more are still on the way. Lately, the making of videos is getting on my piggy-back. Something always goes wrong, man!. Every time I try to upload my videos at my facebook page, it says the format is not supported, then I go convert that video into "mp4" & it reads after conversion that the video is corrupt like seriously wtf? lol. So I decided to call it quits temporary & just focus on my fun shots & photo ideas x>. What you say eh?.

Here are my awaited emojis:

Giant Emoji Sticker:

This sticker is huge like easily fits my face. The hearts on emoji eyes are 3d made from glitter sheet. This sticker is handmade x>. How totally rad is that?.

This sticker can be used on your car, wall, sketchbook or anywhere else you like. Add Uhu glue behind this sticker before pasting it permanently or if you just want"temporary" paste on, then stick it just like that^^.


Cool Emoji Brooch:

Felt made & very cool you can wear this anywhere you like, on your hoodie, beanie, shoes & much more.


Haha!, cool way to use up your emoji stickers eh?, inspired by kawaii culture of course x>. Why not?.


Here is a closeup of my brooch, it's large in size & not pea size. You can have so much fun with this seriously^^.

You can buy my both goods from style at foot step,
Next time I will share my kitty-cat hairband;>,

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