Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Gold Edition

Hello amigos :>. I was out all day today sorry for my late post. Today I will share another version of my inspirations & ideas. It includes everything "gold":

I love the idea of painting gold confetti on top of plain white vase. Pretty for lounge.


These plastic animals come hell handy. As you can spray them up & make so many cool things like how about this rad cupcake tray?.


Need back drop for your photo booth?. This chic did a long work on this one. A simple trick is to just buy a sequins fabric & hang it up on your wall^^.


Use foil ribbon for adding fun patterns on plain white candles.


Here is another idea for making use of your plastic animals. How cool do these look for decor?.


Put on foil dotted fabric on cushion covers for chair^.


Fill up frames with glitter, confetti & foil paper bits. You can paste your bits & pieces of foil/glitter on plain white page & then add them to frames.


Confetti printed napkins?^. How adorable!. You can stamp confetti print using acrylic paints.


Lastly my favorite collage plus plastic animal decoration. I love this site ps I made this.

Thanks for checking out my today's inspirations,

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