Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY: Marbling & Confetti Polka Dot Nail Art!

Hello there kiddies. As I mentioned last week with my foil specs diy, that I have started DIY SERIES. Every week on Friday, I will be sharing step by step new DIY with you. This week I am going to be sharing cute marbling & polka dot nail art diy with you. Check this out nail art lovers:

What You Will Need:

#1 Shashlick stick or tooth pick.
#2 Assorted nail paints(Preferred  brands ones are haute, Sally Hansen & Sweet Touch)
#3 Any two Polka Dot nail paints by Maybeline New York

Polka Dot Nail Art:

Let's dig in deep with ideas & inspiration to get you started first. I have selected some amazing nail paint color combinations from my all time favorite nail art blog chalkboard nails. 

I love the use of light colors & shades as base, then using fun confetti inspired nail paint on top.

Gorgeous purple base with black & white polka dots.

Grey & pinks could look amazing on your nails, if you wearing red dress/top.

Darker tones of electric blue and dark greens would look amazing on light color top/dress.

Here is my favorite, use white as base & then paint darker color polka dot nail paint on top. (This photo is not taken from chalkboard nails, i found it randomly at google, link is lost. Just leave it at comment if you have it).

Marbling Nail Art:

There are dozens of ways in doing marbling nail art, but here is my favorite technique that I used.:

Step#1: Paint the first base of nail paint on your nail.
Step#2: When the first coat is still wet, add your second color of nail paint on top of your nail.
Step#3: Using tooth pick/shashlick stick, mix & merge colors neatly together in a pattern.
Step#4: Add transparent coat on top for finished look.

This photo taken from here.

Now For My Nail Art Turn:

Here is how I used these above techniques/ideas to do my own nail art^^. Check out the descriptions written at photo for color combinations:

Hope you enjoyed my this week's diy,
Try this nail art & share at my instagram by #diaryofseresha
I will share my favorites,

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