Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saoirse Cat Community Update #2 !

This year I started a group page on Facebook for Cats, specifically. People could come forward, share their cat stories, problems & also can give cats for adoption by posting pictures. I also feature my favorite cats from instagram, cat ideas & useful information that might help you. My cats boxer & minnie mouse both model in most of my pictures to demonstrate cat ideas to you x>. I will be posting on every THURSDAY , saoirse cat community updates & posts here. I consider it to be CATURDAY :>. So follow me at my community for your dose of cats on every Thursday^^:


My cats love posing for pictures for my projects and community. You can take interesting photos with your cats too. Just give them a signal you about to "snap"them. And then see how uniquely pictures will come out.
Take lots of pictures of your cats and document them x>.

Cats in picture: My kitties boxer and minnie mouse together modeling in side pose;^



Stray cats living in a community tend to have meetings once a week where they all gather and discuss their problems;^

Cats in summit :>


Cats do not really care to listen when their name is called if they are eating, grooming, resting or pooping. It has nothing to do with your attachment with them. But if you want to see how much your cats are attached to you^. Simply pretend to "go" in front of them and see if they follow you or not ;^.

Cats In Photo: My Boxer & minnie mouse happy to have me back home, enjoying sunset together.



Such cute family of cats x> it's best to keep the whole family of cat together. It's so sad people give away baby kittens and keep their mother since they can't take care of them all. If you can't take care of them then give them along with mother to someone who can take care of them together. To separate kids from a mother is considered to be the biggest sin on planet. Why collect sin for yourself when you can earn something for doing good deed instead.^



Cats love treats and food. Feed them four times a day to make sure they are healthy enough. I feed them mix of different home cooked meals mixed with cat biscuits and I make sure it's served warm. The more you will take care of your cat meals the more he will consider staying with you rather than running away and roaming around in streets for food.



Keep cats warm and cozy as night tends to be very cold these days. Make a cardboard box housey and keep some cloth inside^. You can keep this box on your roof or garden where baby cats can hide out from cold and get cozy.

Cat in the photo is: My kitty minnie mouse x> thanks for modeling for my photo.



Scathingilybrilliant cats are the adorable especially Mr. Hubble on left side. It's always best to get a pair: male and female, that way you don't give them a reason to runaway in mating season. I would definitely recommend you to ADOPT male and female both.^



So cute baby kitten sleeping with turtle x>. Cats develop love towards very strange things, they can even become friends with mice and rabbits. Not necessarily every cat would attack mini creatures. They are genuinely very loving pets x>



My Siberian/tabby short hair cat: Boxer^. This is one of the best-est cat breeds ever. As they are very curious, caring cats, also quite easy to groom.They don't have fluffy hairs. Very energetic too. If you see Siberian short hair roaming around i'd recommend you to adopt it instantly, they are absolutely irresistible.^



Lastly, very true.You discover something new every day when you have a cat as pet. Plus they are such a sweet company to be with in your alone time. And the best part is never ending cat snuggles x> as they are so soft and cuddly.


If you want to check out all the other cool cat features, stories & fun information, 
Just simply join my "Saoirse Cat Community" on facebook x>.
Or Direct Message me your cat photo on Instagram : @diaryofseresha.
I will feature them at my instagram, facebook & blog here with your credits.
Special thanks to all photo courtesy.

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