Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Face Art & Henna!

The only thing I enjoy in beauty is face art/body art. Just want to try my hand on face painting. I have gathered some of the coolest ideas in coming days to try on which I will show you all. Here are my recent ones:

Alien Doll or Ugly Doll?:

Not much done apart from lips & Stitch mark on my cheek. I also photo shopped both my eyes here xp. 


Anime Eyes:

I give my eyes a makeover xD. Crazy i know, but fun to know how a big pair of eyes can change your life for a day xp.



Lastly, my friend did this on my hand. She is awesome at it. Although I never do this henna art ever, as I don't like it's weird scent. People do this on weddings/parties here at my country, but i prefer not getting this done ever.^

Next stop "Caturday",
I will be sharing next time;>,


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