Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pom Pom Orders!

Hello there kiddies :>. I was having severe bad throat & fever from 2 days.  I have been drinking lots of fluids lately especially Glaxose-D. It has helped me so much during my whole illness. My sore throat is all gone. This works as magic, man seriously. I would definitely recommend you to try drinking this^. Now I am enjoying my freedom to focus on my new DIY SERIES. I also organized my whole room today & created this "Clutter Block". I have devised new plan for my business/blog and learned so much in past week. I was just going into a very wrong direction but now my focus is clear I feel so happy^.

Here are my pom pom custom orders & sold out items:

Pom Pom Ring:

I made this ring part of my spring collection 2014. It was this crazy looking green pom pm ring which looked like a trimmed grass plant xp. Kind of cute, it's sold ( I won't be making it again).


Close up of my pom pom ring.


Here is full look from my spring collection 2014. It includes this crazy pom pom hairband, basket full of goodies & pom pom ring. The whole spring collection sold out.


One of my lovely customers saw this pom pom ring at my stall & placed custom order for a pink version. I will be taking custom orders on this ring but will not be making it otherwise. You can place custom order for this ring here.


Then I received custom order for paper pom poms. I made 10 of these and added two for free as gift^.


All packed for delivery. I will be taking custom orders for these paper pom poms. They are totally rad for decoration at any theme based birthday party^.


Lastly, here is my pom pom hairband from spring collection 2014, which also got sold. You can read about it right here.


Thanks man for buying my cutesies & giving me custom orders,
I seriously adore you all,
Next time I will share my first scrapbook custom order;>,

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