Friday, April 3, 2015

Cassette Necklace & Mustaches Painting!

My two totally-cute new products wanted to share today. 
I recycled old cassette, converted it into this necklace. I really wanted to keep it cute with bows & rhinestones at same time not make it look like totally ka-waii.

Don't get me wrong, I love kawaii fashion. But only few elements of it & not like totally overdoing it. 


Here is my inspiration for this cute cassette necklace that I came across the other day. I changed a lot of elements from it's original. E.g I chose darker tone of mint green, added silver stars instead of these pastel ones plus the bow looks different too along with chain. Cute though eh?. Any kawaii or rock n roll lover can pull it off with denim top ^.


Next, here is my unfinished mustache painting. My boxer sleeping on my chair while I was working on it the other day^.


Here it is complete version. I picked mint green for outer background & pale blue for the inside portion^. This could look so cute on wall of a chic who loves mustaches or who likes keeping quirky things.^


Next time I will share my "Cool Emoji Brooch" & sewing machine painting^.

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