Saturday, April 4, 2015

Epic Fun Time # 1 : How To Give Your Panda a Make Over?

Surprise! I will be posting twice a day, so don't get annoyed by seeing me at your news feed. As my "About Me" says here, I'm a sarcastic-crazy person^^. Every crazy person ends up being great right?that's the spirit;>. Never underestimate your power of creativity & what you can achieve by getting your ideas out of your head and letting the world see what you have to offer. I purchased this effin' cute panda beanie last month when I got addicted to wearing it suddenly. So I decided to give it a makeover.

Here's how you can give your panda a makeover too:


This is what you will need:

#1 A cute mustache brooch from @styleatfootstep


#2 Miniature bows & a fork

Here is how I made my miniature bows:

You will be needing three different ribbons for this.^


Now paste your miniature bows on panda's one ear, on the other ear clip on a hair bow. Pin up mustache brooch on panda's upper lip. And you will have something which looks like this:

Make a crazy fun face expression too, now say cheese & capture \m/.


Alright I think this was enough for the day lol. By the way here is my inspiration behind this crazy idea:

How adorable she is right?^ Look at her panda on head.

Show off your panda makeover chics & tag me at instagram @saoirsechic.
Will love to see how you will give your panda a makeover *hugs*,

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