Friday, April 10, 2015

Sold Out Products #2!

I appreciate so much all of my customers who purchase things from me at my facebook page. But when it comes to payment and delivery, how can you buy something which you like from my page?. It's simple: 

#1 Message me on my facebook page what you like to buy or place custom order for.

#2 After your order is confirmed, you easy paisa me(If you are living in Pakistan) or send me the amount through western union (If you living abroad).

#3 After your payment is confirmed. You will receive your order within 3 days or overnight if it's already ready made(Depends on custom order,how much time it will take to get it ready other than that only 3 days).

#4 If your order is over 2000 Pakistani Rupees, You will have to send me half amount in advance as security(Trust me on this, I have been through felony so many times where people giving me custom orders over 4000 Rs, just to back out later on it for the sake of their problems. After that I realized, I don't want to waste my time, money & costs ever again).

#5 After your payment is confirmed, there will be no backing out meaning: I won't just run away with your cash or not work at your order. I create everything from heart & with my better self on it. I believe in hard work & giving back my best. You won't be disappointed.

#6 Why I got no ETSY shop & enable paypal or credit card for purchases?. I am a struggling artist in my career which means i am not earning like 1 lakh Rupees every month. Bank does not allow credit cards to someone earning less than that. So will have to stick to western union/easy paisa till i'm capable of earning that much ^.

#7 I do have redbubble shop for prints & other rad stuff. It works without paypal or credit card for me. But you can buy stuff with your credit card/paypal there, which is quite cool.

Ok, hope that clears out your confusion a bit about purchases from my page. If you have any questions you can always leave at comments i will answer them. Now back to my sold out products:

Eye cover:

I really much enjoyed making this. I might make numerous eye covers in coming days with different techniques. This one sold off.

With packaging this is how it looked, i might emphasize on it's packaging too next time.


Envelop Pouch:

This was hand stitched with brocade fabric, here in my country in weddings it's used for giving money to bride.(sold- not making it again).


Fur ball Accessory:

I had two of these, i gifted one without eyes to my naan & sold other one at my stall^. This was so cute & cushy, I won't be making it again though.


House Inspired Cellphone Pouch:

I really want to make series of products inspired by this flick. It's so cool the thought of house flying in air with bunch of balloons. I made matching cute house tag with it.(sold off-not making it again).


Thanks for checking out my products,
Next time I will share my "Pom Pom" custom order;>,

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