Friday, May 1, 2015

DIY: Photography Journal!

Hello there kiddies :>. As requested previously by so many chics. Most of you wanted to see more & more craft Diy's here at my blog. I am working on lots of new crafty diy's for you all, can't wait to show you. One thing that i love keeping as an artist is a travel journal for my crazy-fun shots. I happen to keep getting really cool ideas when i'm travelling. Best to always doodle those ideas in your journal before you forget them. At end of this post I have added FREE VINTAGE CAMERA PRINTABLE SHEET. So be sure to download that for your diary:

Things That You Need:

#1 A Diary:
You can buy one from stationery shop or make one yourself by checking out fun tutorial from right here.

#2 Vintage Camera Printable Sheet:
Look at end of this post for your free printable.

Best for sticking scraps & everything.

#4 Scissors:
Sharp ones work best.


Step#1: Print out vintage camera sheet from below after downloading.
Step#2: Cut out all the scraps.
Step#3: Place them at your journal cover, positioning them as desired.
Step#4: Once you are happy with the position of your scraps paste them on journal over, using UHU glue tube.

Your Free Vintage Camera Printable:

Happy Journaling!.
This journal is half of A4 size so quite cool, easily fits in your bag^.
Share your journals with me on instagram when you will make one.
#diaryofseresha I will feature my favorites.

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