Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Share Your Chevron Prints & Nail art with me

Hello there kiddies :>. I want you all to connect with me & share your use of my chevron printables + nail art with me on instagram. You can tag me @saoirsechic or #saoirsechic to let me know what you have created/ how you have used my chevron printables. I will feature my favorites at 6 different social networking sites where my account is at^^( Free Shout out & more fans, who wouldn't want that?). Here is my mini post I wanted to share with you:


See this wall paper is matching with my nail art I taught you few weeks back. you can view my nail art right here.


Here is what my friends have used at their phone.  My good friend hira has chosen yellow chevron print as her cellphone wallpaper. Another very cute friend of mine Sophia has used pink mustache print. And here is my favorite the red chevron print as it is all rock n roll & totally rad^.

You can download my free printables from right here.
Would love to see your creativity :>.
Share with me your art.

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