Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY: Taylor Swift "1989" Hoodie Patch

Hello everyone. Apologies for my late blogging schedule these days. Dad just bought me new laptop. It is requiring a lot of updating and software installations. It's kind of nerve wrecking for me as I am quite used to the traditional 'mouse". But I forgot my previous mouse does not have a USB lead *shucks*. But goods news is I can edit my snaps directly from computer now. Today I want to share a fun DIY which I prepared last week. I got so inspired by Taylor Swift's look from 
"Shake it off" video. I love the "1989" patch she is wearing on her hoodie. I decided to give a try and make one myself. It did not came out hideous(Thank God):

Things You Need:
Note: You can use black fabric instead of white cotton and black acrylic paint too.

  1. Make an Oval shape draft on Art card. You can draw an oval shape on piece of any hard paper and cut it out.
  2. Trace out oval draft on white fabric and iron on tissue paper. Cut them both out.
  3. Use heated Iron for pasting the tissue paper on white fabric.(It adheres after right amount of heat).
  4. Paint your oval patch using marie's black acrylic paint. Leave it to dry. 
  5. Draw "1989" on your oval patch and paint it white using marie's acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.
  6. Paste your patch on hoodie using UHU glue tube.

Tip: You can sew the patch from sides using black thread if you want it to stay on for longer time period.

For the full look of this hoodie, you will have to wait till next week Monday. Since I have planned a very fun Epic Fun Time for you all.



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