Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things I love # 3 !

I am working on 2-3 DIY posts everyday. The reason I have minimized the rate of sharing "Inspirations & Ideas" and "Things I love" is because I realized very soon I am not creating my own content. It's good to share fun things & link them. But I need to have my own content on blog as well so that I could feel proud of myself. I come across so many funny, rad stuff every week that it's hard not to share. Check out this week's fun things:


Ketchup Fountain?. I never thought of using hot chocolate fountain this way. Totally rad if you throwing burger party;>.


This giant clip I saw at It's gone now, they went out of stock. Seriously this would look so cool, if you will find one send me;>.


I am loving epicmealtime lately. This dirt pie video was so shit funny(including comment under it) I almost choked myself for 2 hours xp. You need to check it out man it's right here.


I came across these totally rad cellphone cases. Check out the pizza, vodka bottle, milk bottle & glitter filled case. Super cool. Check this girl's instagram for buying these hot cakes.


Omg! I am loving the way sponge wig has been made here along with use of hot pink fake eye lashes totally cool!.


How cute is this mini bus & gifts?. Perfect to gift it to your loved one.


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen launched a designer bag which has real capsules & tablets stuck all over the surface. Totally digging it!.


I love these delicious looking bunny jellies. So damn cute^. Available at target.


Lastly, who wouldn't want to try this nutella?. Lol . That's totally dope.

Happy Sunday everyone x>,
Hope you enjoyed my today's mini post.

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