Monday, May 11, 2015

Selfie Attack #3 !

Hello kiddies :>. I was quite busy from 3 days. There was a family get together & yesterday I attended makeup workshop which was super duper fun. I will share about my full experience & working with amazing makeup artist soon;>.

I won't be doing craft diy's for next 2 weeks at least. Since my dental treatment will be going on & i'm at my dad's place currently with all my supplies left behind at home. I do miss working in my studio & my cats too. But it's always good to have some "change" in routine. I did bought this amazing horror book which I will be sharing in series here. This book has urban legends & scary folklore based on true events/articles published between year 1837-1957. Shit scary and creepy.I can't wait to share with research about the truth behind all those urban legends mentioned in that book. Here are my crazy looking "Selfie Attack" from this week:



But First kitkat. Then we will talk! & no kitkat for you,
Go have your veggies first.


Boom After Shower?:

This is how my hairs look after bathe*Boof*.


Boxer Much?:

Aw, look at my booba boxer. I love him lots.


Bratz Doll?:

I was bratz doll once. Even put on lashes like her too, cool right?.


Panda Time:

This selfie I took after my panda makeover time. I look crazy enough?.


Don't Care:

Don't know, don't care & don't want to know.


Freedom Finally:

The time my facebook page got hacked and I lost all my likes, but felt freedom for first time as I stopped relying on one network and switched to blogging instead.

Fun much?,
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I will share my favorites,

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