Monday, May 18, 2015

Epic Fun Time #5 : Panda Attack

Hello kiddies :>. For today's Epic Fun Time, I have taken up too many pandas on my head to not include them here. This edition will leave you feeling sick-to-your-butt, since I will be sharing lots of cutecutecute pandas :D. Here you go:

Panda Illustration:

First up is my series of illustrations portrayed as me (of course xp). Will keep popping up at my red bubble shop in form of prints, mugs, shirts, stickers & cellphone cases. Do not miss your chance to avail this cutie on my shop here. Well, the panda suits me a kind of right?^.


Giant Panda Balloon:

How rad is this man?. Looks adorable much?


My first ever Panda Shot:

It was this selfie I took, which really much got adored by lots of you (Well not all, as some of you criticized me at Instagram for looking dumb :p. Lol kind of harsh fellas don't you think?). So ever since that, I have made tradition to pull out my panda every time it rains :D(Yay- don't hate me, on more panda selfies xp).



Guess what could be more adorable than sleeping with bunch of pandas eh?. Don't get touchy, but these aint real amigos :> Lol.


But these are real :>.


Ok, heard that quote "Kiss me I'm Irish" right?. Quite over-rated & typical now I guess. How about you give this quote a makeover and be like "Kiss me, I'm a Panda" instead?. *Adorable*. Talking about makeover I also give this crazy makeover to my panda beanie, you can check it out right here.


Did someone just called me panda?:

Oh, please yes!, do call me that :>. I find it cool.( Though I'm a cat lady, don't get offended my dear kitties. I love you all too^^).


The End.

Had fun or got sickie checking my panda out eh?^.
Share with me your panda by #saoirsechic at instagram or emailing me at :
I will feature my favorites.


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