Friday, May 8, 2015

Clown Stole & Important Update!

Hello there :>. I will be going to my dad's place tomorrow for at least 2 weeks. I will be getting my dental treatment done along with so many more misadventures. It will be fun trip. I will share with you my packing list soon. Today was busy day, as I was prepping my wardrobe for the stay. Anyway, just want to share a quick fun fashion tip with you:

I purchased this crazy looking clown stole, it's kind of cute. It was available in baby pink & blue too. I bought it in orange since I love carnival & clowns both :D ( I wish i worked at some carnival that way everyday will be party for me ;>).


Here is how I wore this stole. Just tie it on your waist & no fuss.

By the way, I am wearing a tube top as a skirt here :>.

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