Friday, May 15, 2015

DIY: Boxers Journal Cover

Hello kiddies :>. I was busy all day making crafty things for a friend's birthday. These days I am blogging at the "Edge of my life"(meaning on very last moments). It is kind of alarming as I have not scheduled out anything. The one week vacation really screw up my pattern big time for sure. But it also teach me a big lesson to plan ahead & prepare posts in order to save myself from last minute "hassle". Today I want to show you a diy that I completed two weeks ago but I never got a chance to blog post about it. I shared it's video on my instagram few weeks ago, you can check it right here.

Check out this week's diy project:

Things You Will Need:
  • An Empty Journal Cover
  • Paint Brush
  • Marie's White Acrylic Paint(Or any other lighter shade will do)
  • UHU Glue Tube
  • Pentel's White Poster Paint
  • Scissors
  • Felt Piece
  • Art Card Piece
  • Temporary Marker(White Board Marker, not shown in photo. Any good brand would do)


Draw nerdy looking boxer undies(or anything Geeky which appeals to you), using temporary marker. White board marker works best. Why am I using white board marker to draw on cover?. Simple, so that if I do some mistake in "doodling", I could easily rub it off from cover & then draw again ;). How's that little trick?^.

Paint your boxers by mixing Marie's Acrylic & Pentel's white poster paint. The reason I chose white color is because the cover of journal is itself very dark in shade. When you decide to finally paint, choose a light shade for your doodles if your journal cover is darker in tone.

Using UHU Glue Tube, paste your piece of art card on felt cut out. Trim it messy from edges like the way I have done. This is where you write your journal label or your name tag^.

Label your new journal cover:>.


Note: Do not use lacquer spray or any type of varnish on top of your journal if it is made of leather or any other plastic material. The cover will become sticky and won't dry. As leather/plastic fabric does not absorbs the gloss.

This is how my journal cover looks. How does your version looks?^. Share with me on instagram by tagging @saoirsechic I will feature my favorites.

In order to protect your new journal cover, you can cover it with plastic sheet too if you want^^.

Happy Journaling!

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