Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY: Goat Head Necklace!

Hey kiddies :>. I'm back with another crazy looking DIY edition for you^^. I always wondered I am pretty good at recycling & re-modifying jewelry/clothes since birth. I buy quirky/weird things then love adding my own touch of magic on top of the original. It's kind of fun to wear not totally bo-ring fashion pieces. Today I will teach you how to make your own little signature necklace:


My Inspiration:

I have accumulated over 100 magazines in my cupboard. I have cut out 100000's of clippings of inspirations, & fun things to do. Can't wait to show you all :>. Whenever I cut out a clipping, I always scribble some writings on top, in order to remember what was the inspiring thing I saw in this "photo". Anyway, I came across this chic wearing goat head necklace with turquoise horns. It give me an idea instantly, that why not wrap the goat horns with yarn?^. So I went to this cool shop at Centaurus Mall & bought myself a goat head necklace:D. (You can find a goat head at craft store or any jewelry shop nearby you).

Things You Need:
Here are all the things you would be needing to make a goat head necklace like mine:


Step#1: Mix Marie's Acrylic Paint & Pentel's Hot pink poster paint together(Acrylic more & poster paint less). The reason why I am using these two together is evident, for painting objects of any type acrylic or poster paint alone will not give you fine result. These both work best together for painting any objects.

Step#2: Paint your goat head pink with the design you like. In my case I have added Chinese symbol on temple of goat head.

Step#3: Put on UHU glue tube on goat horns & start wrapping yarn around both of the horns.

Step#4: Re touch with mixture of white Marie's Acrylic + Pentel's Poster paint.

Step#5: After your creation has dried, use lacquer spray on top. This will help it to remain sealed & paint won't come off. I recommend you to use Olympia Lacquer Spray. It is awesome.

Here is the result. Before & after lacquer spray.


Thanks for checking out my today's diy.
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