Monday, May 4, 2015

DIY: Learn To Wear a tie In 3 minutes

Hello there kiddies:>. I tend to only be posting interesting, easy & super cool diys with you which have perks too. Sometimes I give you free printables & other times some crazy idea :>. I have confession to make: I suck at tying a tie. I used to wear ties back when "Skater Culture" was in. But I never get to tie it properly. I just used to tie a knot & wear it. That aint cool. If you a girl or boy, you seriously need to learn how to tie a tie. Here is what I will teach you today, get ready to learn with me:


Learn How To Tie A Tie In 3 minutes:

Step#1: Bring red side on top of blue side of tie.
Step#2: Swirl red side around the blue side like a twist.
Step#3: Twist it again.
Step#4: Get the red side out of the knot made from that twist.
Step#5: Pull it down.


I just taught you in 3 minutes to tie a tie :D. Hi-Five!
Now the test:

Go tie your man :D. ;>. If you got one ;p (of course).

Share your tie wearing pictures with me on instagram,
#coolkidfashion I will feature my favorites x>.

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