Sunday, May 31, 2015

Things I Love # 6!

Hello kiddies :>. Wind is blowing like crazy here. I am working to reveal two new projects soon. I will share with you the details in coming week. Today I will be sharing some totally rad things with you from this week:


I'm digging this green donut *nom*.


Candied apple with gems?. How totally cute idea is this!.


Loving the green ombre hair of this chic.


Hey look, a giant mermaid is being examined here.

Pizza float-able. Man, I need pool party x>.


I really want to go to this place. Take me there^^.


Haha, grow some donuts using donut seeds?. Yes please.


Love this man so much. By the way, it's my dream to ride a tank. I will soon :D.


Lastly, if you a leo and reading this Hi-five. That exactly what I'm like ^^.

Thanks for checking out my rad collection of snippets from this week^^.

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