Friday, May 29, 2015

Logo Map (Your Guide To My Logo)

Hello kiddies :>.  I wanted to share something different then my routine of posting DIY's every single day. Today I will share guide to my logo and what actually my logo means:

You really thought whatever I create don't have some reality?. Of course it does. Every single thing I make is real.


Here is my logo map.

My logo includes:
  • My cats boxer and minnie mouse
  • Kfc Burger
  • My journal
  • Digital Camera
  • Tea
  • My arts and crafts materials
  • Coffee
  • Recycled cassette necklace
  • Pizza Head wear
The rad part is my logo has all my favorite things x>.
I will share my favorite things with you too soon.
I am getting ready for my graphics designing class now. See you in evening^.


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