Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY: How To Brush Your Pregnant Cat?

Hello there kitties:>. Today we are celebrating CATURDAY ^^. My Pet DIYS got slow in past few weeks as I mentioned earlier my cat "Boxer", he ran away. But good news is my cat minnie mouse give birth to 6 kittens and I am super excited for them to all grow up. Can't wait to do photo shoot with them and fun DIYS. Few weeks ago I shared full tutorial on how to brush your cat, which you can view right here. This week I wanted to share this mini diy of how to brush your pregnant cat (I have done shooting for this diy before my cat give birth to kittens). Here is how you do it:

  • Comb your cat gently starting from her head till tail. Combing tail is important as fleas and dirt mostly gets hidden under hair bed there.
  • Do not comb your pregnant cat harshly. As she is already carrying weight on her stomach.
  • Grab cat brush and start brushing her gently on back. Allow her to sit down on her tummy, as she would be more comfortable in this position.
  • Do not brush or comb on nipple's side. You can comb on her underarms though by gently picking her one arm at a time.


Tip: Do not give a bathe to your cat till her kittens grow older and she stops giving milk. As the harsh movements can cause damage to her internal healing process after birth.


Look how much my minnie mouse enjoyed her grooming?^. All cute and snugly she fall asleep after this^^.

Hope this will you help you in some way cat-ty-kins :>.
Happy Caturday^^,
Share your cat pictures with me at instagram by #saoirsechic.
Let's see how adorable your cats look after brushing^.


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