Sunday, May 24, 2015

Things I love # 5!

Hello there kiddies:>. This week I got plenty of hotshots to share with you for your taste buds. I sort of have a 6th sense when ever I am looking for rad stuff. I don't really bother sharing something too "typical". It needs to have that "Epic Edge" dudes. Otherwise what's the point of sharing something mainstream that everyone knows?. Literally, I noticed something am I not sharing way too much of DIY crafts lately?. Perhaps the fashion/styling side is being neglected. I will be sharing them too soon. Anyway, here's your this week's edition:


Rad Shoes:

Sure these are kick-ass. I Love the silver lining clouds on these and the angel wings :D.


Mr. Mcmuffin:

LOL looks like he went out of burger supplies so decided to eat kids instead. How convenient xp.


Cellphone Covers DIY:

These are so cool. Paint some polka dots, paste jute, paper bits or even lace on cellphone cases. 


Disney Land:

I told my friend the other day, I want to allocate where there is disney land :D. Alice in wonderland's tea party and snow white apples everyday yay^. By the way, I really love these something awesome inside of something awesome balloons.


Rad Window Pane:

I need this mini area in my room. When I will built my own;>.


Louis Vuitton:

Who wants to visit this neat shop?. ME xp.


25 Ice cream Scoops Sundae:

How totally awesome this will be trying it out in summers?. Tip: Share this sundae with a friend and compete ;>.


Aquarium Snack:

My favorite meal time. Hell yes, EPIC MEAL TIME. This episode was crazy. They built whole snack meal in jello at fish tank. Preserved burger and crabs and fish biscuits can be seen. Harley's creativity is beyond awesome.

Enjoyed much?,
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Happy Sunday everyone^^.

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