Monday, May 25, 2015

Epic Fun Time #6 : Shake It Off Hater :D

Hello there kiddies :>. I have decided to do 4 Epic Fun Shots every month. I am getting lots of rad ideas lately. Literally, it was 44 degree c outside and I wore hoodie just for the sake of this rad shot(Things I have to do for love of my fans and follower *sighs*).Today's Epic Fun Time is based on two DIY'S that i taught you past week. But I did not shared their full looks, why?. Now you will know :D:


First up is this rad GIANT CASSETTE CARD, I taught you. It's huge. Rad to gift to your boyfriend eh?.


Next up is this totally sick taylor swift "1989" patch I taught you here


Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate. How you like me now hater :D.


I see I'm too late. I got nothing in my brain?. Is that what you believe hater?. Lol.


Thanks for checking out my crazy shots^,

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