Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Epic Fun Time # 4 : "Stole Your Candy"

Hello kiddies:>. I am back home. So glad everything went good in my trip. I just came home like an hour ago, dead tired. But I was like I have to post something like "anything". Since I was away for 5 days, I could not prepare any crafty posts(although I have made few but they need lots of edits). Then I remembered about this "Epic Fun Time" shots I took before leaving for my trip. I thought to myself "why not these?":p. Here are funny shots I did just to make you laugh a bit^, a little sarcasm won't going to hurt no one right?:

I plan to steal all the candy form this world, kiddies. Including yours too.


This gun & gun cover I stole form my uncle's wardrobe :p.


Not to forget these GD cop shades are extra huge & hardly stay on my nose. Throughout these shots I had to keep my face up.


Lastly, the important part of burglary is of course to enjoy your candy later:>. 

I will be doing series of these Epic shots.
If you have some request/ideas for what should I capture next time in "Epic Fun Time" just email me at
Your choice of shots I will do & tag your name :>. How fun?.

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