Saturday, May 16, 2015

Things I Love # 4!

Helloo kiddies :^. I am converting my room into studio was busy all day in setting things. I did not get a chance to use PC. My cat boxer ran away & minnie mouse give birth to 6 kittens^. I am so excited for them to all growup. I am making toys for them(which means more cat diys for you yay on that).

Today I want to share some cool things I came across(my "Things I Love" folder is literally over flowing, I should share more often right?).  Here is my favorite stuff:

How rad is this fries illustration?^. What would you prefer straight or curled?.

How adorable is this mouse?^. I wonder how she made him hold this note. Cute♥. Follow adobe at instagram to see his little house & adventures.


Lately, I'm loving macroni & cheese by epic meal time :^. Love those boys much especially Harley morenstein aka sauce boss.


Want to know what's a revenge of tree?^, "Papercut" :^ .Lol.


Lookie, lookie who is waiting in the car kids;^.


Kids, you will be needing this especially during a boring lecture.;^.

My favorite shirt brand :belovedshirts:. This shirt got both of my favorite things which I desire (Pizza & 6 pack xp).

Enjoyed much?^. 
Thanks for checking out.

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