Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mustache Products!(Volume#1)

Hello my dear friends x>,  firstly i want to apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long, I know I suck at my blogging routine these days, but guess what?;> now you won't have to wait anymore for my posts & i will be updating regularly IA. Thanks everyone for waiting for me patiently.^
So, the cool part is i'm finally back to my blog drive, i'm hungry & ready to share some of the most coolest & prettiest things i'm making these days, along with some ideas to share x>. After my long act of disappearance first thing I knew I had to post was about "Mustache" . Now don't get me wrong here , but i have a thing for MUSTACHES for real. They look so cute & quirky wherever you put them on;>. So today I've decided to share some of my favorite mustache products which are still(Luckily) available for you to get your hands on:

#1 Tie & Dye Mustache Vest:

Tie & Dye vest with stenciled mustache in middle?^, how cute is that?, this is an original idea which popped in my head back in 2012, i decided to dye my vest first & then added this cute mustache stencil x>.
It came out quite cool i guess, want one? It's still available in large, medium & small size. You can inbox me here for this (link) & of course you can choose from one of your own desired colors x>.

#2 Mustache Head Wear:

A month ago I came up with a Crazy idea to add a mustache on headwear x>, like really? Is that even possible? I thought. And next thing I knew I came up with this:

Lol ok this snap concept along with mustache accessory was my original idea x>, So no cheating without credit pwez. I'll be thankful for credit & will mention you along with your site link here;).

The idea is simple, wear a Mustache & go crazy :D. Cool part?^ You can place order for this cutesie or get your own version made on custom order with variety of colors to choose from ;>, check my page here (link) & inbox me for details kindly ^^. I did matching pink eye makeup here to contrast with my mustache x>.

& by the way my Shy girl mini painting loves mustache head wear, You can also wear it on your upper lip for fun in photo booths ;> If not as your headwear what you think?;>! A plus point multi task it ^^!

#3 Mustache Tags:

I love paper crafts & my craze would not be complete without mustache tags ;>?

I had to make these like bad !! Glitterfied fun pattern along with matching mustaches how cute is that?^, perfect to complete your gift giving custom. Back side of these mustache tags are empty so you can add your name & receiver's name ;> Want these?^inbox for custom order here(link).

And if you're curious, ;> this is how I made my mustaches for pretty tags above & yes i saved red mustache from middle(in above picture)for something even cuter you'll know soon ^^.

#4 Mustache Crochet Mug Cover:

Even after my above mustache product craze, My craving did not end, I still wanted to make more mustache cutesies x>, So next I made mustache Crochet Mug Cover especially for keeping your muggies warm;),
It's back side is hot pink & front side neon yellow, attached with cute small button on side, you can make your mug wear it like sleeve ^.

These mug covers come in cute packaging & you can place custom order for these as desired according to colour & variation you want, you can also get your loved ones names embroidered on them ;>! Inbox here for detail (link).

It looks more like a face along with my nerdy shades eh ?^

I had fun sharing my own handmade mustache products with you all hope you enjoyed reading about my ideas & if you like anything you can always place custom order here, happy to guide you, happy to make pretty gifts for you all.

I will be posting regularly from now & onwards IA,
Until next time take care,


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