Monday, August 18, 2014

Velvet Turban And My Inspiration !

I got late today in posting my major entry x>so sorry for making you wait, currently i'm working on series of new art work & painting products, which is consuming most of my time these days. I'm going to work on few posts ahead today IA x>. Being a fashion accessories designer its safe to say, Velvet is my favorite fabric material. I love how soft it is, can be stitched into 100 of different accessories & decor items. Anyway, today I really wanted to show you my velvet turbans & inspiration behind their snapshots^). I hand stitched these velvet turbans myself & they are on sale at my facebook page x>.

I love doing fun shots of representing my products from time to time 
& most importantly i like giving credit 
to the person who inspires me to do so ^). This fun shot came out really cute i guess^?
My inspiration for this shot is below:

Rachel from Red Velvet Art really looks amazing here^,
Using fun objects in unique way really make your shots "lively"!

My makeup was done, inspired by Marilyn Monroe x>,
Of Course it's obvious because of her signature "Mole" i used on my upper lip.
I wanted to have a vintage vibe to my whole look so I did so ^.

I decided to make a golden velvet turban as well. Which is as cute as green one.
My velvet turbans can be accessorized with both formal/informal dressing,
Whether it's a party you going to, or you just want to have fun dressing up like a hipster, 
that's up to you. Personally i feel any girl would look really pretty wearing velvet x>.

& by the way I made a purple turban as well which i gifted to my friend on her birthday x>,
I might take some snap shots with us both wearing turbans ;>.
So was it difficult to make these velvet turbans?.YES! it was, since velvet fabric tends to slip as you try stitching it & if you're not a professional at stitching it can become quite nerve wrecking too.

Thanks for letting me share my velvet turbans & my experience in making them ^.
Hope you enjoyed^,
Until next time,
Take care,



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