Saturday, August 23, 2014

Golden Heart Clutch GiveAway Winner Announced!

Sometime ago, during process of my summer collection 2014, i started a giveaway contest. Which included to comment under my video(You can find it here), your favorite piece from my summer collection 2014. And the best answer was to receive my hand made golden heart clutch x>(yeah it was that easy). I know I got lazy to announce it earlier, but finally i took time & decided to share this anyway x>.By the way thanks for those who participated.

Today i will be announcing the winner. The winner is: dania basit x>. Congratz.

It's on it's way to you x>, here is what dania wrote:

"Starting it off its actually really hard to pick just one of my favourites there is like more than one product i like but as per said above i would go with the cat nips series plus an addition to that i would also go with the golden velvet turban and why because the cat nips series has something really unique which is that adorable cats face and everything in it .. the eyes are attractive and that just makes it make me love the thing and the golden velvet turban is really trendy you could style it in anywhere you want too and the golden colour itself would go with alot of colours and would give a different unique look to you outfit apart from others i can't select more things *sigh* but these two are my fav!"
(You can read dania's comment here)

Thank you for taking time to write all this for my products dania x>.
I will be doing another giveaway soon IA,
 Those who did not get a chance to participate in this one x>,
Can always participate in upcoming giveaway,
So stay put ^.
Until next time,
Take Care,



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