Sunday, August 24, 2014

My New Art Work!

Did I told you I love painting on new different mediums?^. Whether it's canvas, art card, wood, glass or even cardboard (yes x>). I'm so in love with painting on cardboard these days^. It's very much fun & my art work looks so cute on completion x>. I want to show you my two new artwork pieces that i just completed last night:

Angry bear & camera they both look super cute.
Can be hung on wall, used in photo booth or
even scrapbooks x> You can purchase both of my artworks from here.


For making this i had to cut out cardboard using very sharp blade,
It was not easy to be honest,
But perhaps was the most difficult part of making it.

I decided to show you in a separate picture because gravely 
my camera on flash quality sucks sorry x>. 
But the original bear 
color is dark brown as you can see.


And my camera x>, I decided to go with mint green & pink^.

I had a lot of fun making these two x> but guess what? i'm working on my 3rd cardboard artwork now ^, which i will reveal soon IA. By the way, after completion of each artwork, the feeling i get is hard to explain it's more than just satisfying x>. Don't think i'm running out of ideas yet, because kids i'm just getting started here ;>. 

Wait till you see my upcoming posts,
I will be posting everyday,
So make sure you check my blog daily x>,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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