Monday, September 1, 2014

Custom Mug Order: NY Inspired!

Last time i did blog post it was August, 24th, 2014. It's been one week since I was away and did not do any entry. I know, none of my excuses for not posting can ever comply to the damage I do, by leaving "My own world" like that for one whole week without any update. But honestly speaking I was going through a very hard time in my life, where I did not felt like touching my keyboard. I'm so glad that it's over and i have healed :>. So here's the deal , if life happens again, I will not go without informing  x> ok?.

Today I will be sharing my whole process of making this custom mug order and box I was working on for days. It's finally delivered and long gone, happy to see my customer happy ^^. People place custom orders for mugs on my this page.(You can place order too if you're interested). They send me details of color, look they want on their customized mugs and I try my best to make exactly how they want it to look like. Thankfully, I never fail and always surprise my customers on the final look of their order, they never leave unhappy x>.

Gifts to me should be precisely taken seriously ^,
and seeing the receiver happy gives me the best feeling ever that i can't explain x>.


Firstly, I worked on the mug box. Which was a whole process of making the box draft first, 
then I drew the details on the box according to my customer's demand x>.

As you can see here it was all black and white at first , no color 
or detail was added.

My customer wanted the box to have NY buildings at one side,
Custom message on another & the rest of the box to be colourful.

I kept NY buildings at back side, on front side added custom message,
Whereas On left & right sides I added colorful polka dots.


I left it to dry for 4 hours, then assembled the box.
I painted the top side of box sky blue & added white dots,
Which give it a fun look^.


I shaded the back side of box with white, making the buildings look like they
are surrounded by clouds x>. Box back & top side were ready.


For the box front side, it was evident I only wanted the "names"
to have some color, whereas the rest, wanted to keep it black & white.

The box left and right side already had so much color,
That i decided to choose teal blue & pink to contrast with white and blue
for the names.


It was customer's demand to add "Okay Okay"
(from "fault in our stars") at bottom of mug.^

I loved how the bottom of mug turned out to be x>.


For the mug back side I added Ny inspired buildings in blue color,
according to customer's demand.


For the mug's front side, I added a quote in black,
It was customized by my customer^. I did not
added it myself.

The mug & box is ready^. It took me 6 days to make this whole
order, because there are always some things which I have to decide myself, my customer only 
gives me the idea of how the order should look like, the rest I implement myself^.
And unless I don't get right feel from my order, I don't paint anything on it.


The best part of making all this was, it turned out exactly like my customer wanted it to look like x>. I had so much fun making this order. Hope all this motivated you in some way to work on your best talents as well.^.
Eventually, working hard and "work" will lead you to something, whereas being lazy and doing nothing can take you nowhere.

If you want to place order for custom gifts for your loved ones^,
You can check out my page and inbox me here:

I'm gonna go now, work on some fun posts and projects 
for the coming days;>,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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