Monday, September 22, 2014

Velvet Kitty Bag And Golden Metallic Bangles!

Most of the time people get curious that how I manage to make so cute things in big quantities?. Did I had any schooling at what I make?. I work on 10 different things at one time, that way I keep switching from one product to another. It's like when I get bored making one product I switch to another. This way, whenever I work at my products, I always only work on each one of them when I feel like^ . As for the schooling part, yes, I have done my bachelors in fashion designing, but trust me you don't learn nothing about practical products in schooling until you do your own research and experiment with different constructions yourself. I'm an expert at constructing anything from bags, pouches, jewelry, accessories to papercrafts, stationery, clothes and scrapbooks. I'm MA, blessed with the eyes that only see things which others can't. As soon as i see some product, i automatically built it's construction in my head and start working on it. For today i'd like to share this cute velvet kitty bag that i have made and some imported golden metallic bangles that came in stock at my facebook page x>.

This kitty bag has been SOLD.
But you can place custom order for it 
at my page with your choice of color 
of velvet fabric.

Process of making this bag was so much fun. I
make my own drafts and constructions.
It has red printed lining inside.


The final look of bag came out really cute^.
And exactly like I imagined.
As i'm big fan of "Cats".
I normally add 5 to 6 cat products in my every collection^


You can also buy these golden bangles from my page.
They are thick, smooth and gorgeous in texture ^.


I like sharing my bits of products to you all :>.
Hope you enjoyed checking these out.
You can email me your queries at :

Until next time,
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