Sunday, September 21, 2014

*Corn Picking In Secret Garden With My Dad*

As i'm working on multiple projects at one time. It has become very difficult for me to do long posts. So i've decided to keep you updated in small bits. Sharing fun peeks from what i've been upto to my product lists.
Today i'll share corn picking experience of mine with my dad. My home has a back yard where fresh corn are grown.^

Dad helped in cutting some corn. We brought in, boiled some,
and had it with lemon & chaat masala.
Home grown corn tastes very different from market corn.
It was more sweeter and softer. Fresh & delicious.^


On my way I saw this lovely tree which I captured.
Loved this angle. I edited it using My favorite filter "tranquil"
is used in this photo x>. You can
take snaps of pretty trees too from bottom like this.
They come very beautiful especially in spring
or autumn season.


It was fun to do something close to nature x>.
I'll share new products tomorow IA,
Until next time,
Take Care,


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